Saturday, November 10, 2012

BRR! The Breezes are Here!

Its quiet chilly these days. The wind whispers to all who listen, giving a chill to unclothed faces, ears and hands. The flock cuddles together on the plush leaf piles with molted feathers rolling by. Preening time is a favorite flock activity during these times.

I'm rehoming two rabbits to tone down on the mouths to feed this winter, I simply don't need 5 rabbits is all.

The three rabbits I'm keeping are below: Its little fluff an American Rex, Fatty a Holland Lop and Bunbun a Lionhead.

I'm also thinking about rehoming the a few of the laying hens, but I'm not sure yet, seems like they aren't used to the cold weather yet.

Ugalee is coming out of her molt, yuck!

Until next time.

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