Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Chickens are Doing Great

Black Sex Link Pullet Sleeping

The old flock was sold this summer and a new flock was introduced for better egg production and show animals. The old flock resides with a little girl as her new 4-H project from a senior 4-H'er to a newbie. She will have a wonderful time, I'm sure. Stay tuned to meet this new flock. :)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The following will be given away to a single lucky winner!

  • 2 tiny clips [1 lime green, 1 magenta]
  • 3 bundles of stickers [1 bear-themed and flowers scratch on, 1 easter egg hunt set of 4 sheets, 1 set of heart stickers set of 4 sheets]
  • 3 small sewing string colors [navy blue, lime green and teal]
  • 1 multi-colored string bale [green, pink, yellow, blue and orange]
  • 1 spool of white sewing string
  • 1 packet of 4 sheets of scrapbooking pages
  • 1 handful of bright colored paperclips [approx 20]
  • 2 sheets of white stick on foam sheets "9 by 12"
  • 14 sheets of foam paper [pink, red, orange, dark green, light green, blue, brown, black, white and yellow included]
  • 4 pieces of card stock [1 red, 3 green]
  • 2 1/2 yrds of lace-styled ribbon
  • 12 sheets of tissue paper [pink, red, orange, white, light blue and dark blue]
[pictures below!]

How To Enter:
1. Open the link below in a another tab:

2. Click the red "vote" button.

3. Sign in or make an account.

4. Confirm Your Vote for the submission "Exploring Democracy and How to Fix It"

5. After you have voted, leave a comment on the entry page stating "I voted."

Thanks for the entries, congratulations Christy!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Its great to be back from my mini vacation :) I was happy to see the flock.

The grey silkie pullet was sitting on the wagon.

Ava has been nice too.

Iddy got a Broody House:
Iddy's Broody BoxIddy's Broody Box

This little hen is getting her name soon: (Bubbles?)

I moved the pigeons and rabbits inside the coop for the chilly weather:

The rest of the flock was really cute too!

Happy New Year!! Until next time,

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Review

Timothy Hay Sample

So far I like this hay, it looks fresh and smells fresh and is crisp to the touch. My rabbits like it too. Therefore, I'd recommend this hay for now.

Until Next time and Happy New Year!

Timothy Hay SampleTimothy Hay Sample