Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lavender Ameraucana and Silkie Hatching Eggs!

I helped with a website (click HERE to see it) and got payed in eggs, which are very nice.


Changed my mind over the chickens. They can stay since a permit can be obtained!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yesterday Was Sad But I Got Over It

I have excellent negotiation skills. I can keep 16 chickens and two of them can be roosters - but that's the max. I used the I can build the show cages like this picture:

I'll do a chicken tractor and keep my show chickens in comfortable cages, in the biggest shed with a fan and light. The tractor will be for during the day when they all freerange - enclosed.

Tractor Idea:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Man! my chicken life has just crumbled:
  • I have just been told, by my mom that she wants 5 or less chickens. 
  • My dad wants 15 or less.
  • I'd like to keep 20 - exactly. My ordinance allows me to have a ton of chickens but I don't need that many but I'm having a hard time letting go. 

Realize that I care for my chickens everyday, I clean the coop, I pay for feed and I pay for gas when I sell a chicken or have feed picked up for me, same with bedding and all that stuff. The only thing they pay for is water and now they dislike my 24 chickens?! I was already planning to cull out silkies from my flock that I bought, my Hatricks (c) silkie breeding flock! Now I have to tap into my pet chickens? That I've had for almost a year? That's a joke.

I had already decided I would have 16 chickens left without my parents opinions, which I hadn't asked for...I was and still am waiting for the perfect buyer.

So here's the main part of the post...Which Chickens Should Stay and Which should Go?

I've already hand picked these ones: (that's 9)

3 Laying Hen Mixes
1 White Silkie Bantam Rooster
1 Partridge Buff Silkie Bantam Hen
1 Splash Silkie Bantam Hen
2 Black Silkie Bantam Hens
1 Grey Silkie Bantam Hen
Should I rid of any more? I want to ... NVM

Monday, May 21, 2012


Well my Hatricks Flock is doing well...Here's the logo they came from:

My extra layers are being sold along with my silkie rooster and three silkie hens - all of them are culls and have minor faults but I'm more into showing my chickens right now than just pets. I'm thinking of all the shows I'll be exhibiting at and trying to pick 'the breed' to show...I'm leaning towards Japanese Bantams.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Now that I Found My Camera...

I get to take pictures!
Whit's Silkie
Above: This is one of my Hatricks silkie babies.

So far the flock is good and I need to figure out a style to keep this blog in.

Friday, May 18, 2012

SAE Presentation Help

If you aren't in an animal science class pay little to no attention to this post...



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Woo - Woo! Got My Camera!

I took a bunch of pictures! Then I realized my SD card thing that makes it plug into my desktop to upload pics is missing...dang. Well I'll just have to use a USB and my fax machine for pictures. Giovanni is no the next post...On the bright side though my birthday is in a couple days, the 19th! Another year of awesomeness comes and I get to drive with a real license four weeks after the fact.

Chicken on the left was one of a previous flock. His name was "Taco" he costed $5. He was a buff silkie rooster whom wasn't beared and carried the brocilitus gene (the ends of his outer toes were missing)


After two years the old Toshiba laptop cropped over and died, piece of crap...lost a lot of stuff on that laptopLegalistics of copyright perhaps? If I can't fix my computer without breaking a law - why even buy a laptop?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Wish I Knew Where My Camera Was

So like I stated in a previous post, we recently bought a house and started to move into it. I can't find my dang camera, in fact I didn't loose it my brother and my mom did, they were playing *YAWN* its 2:30AM and I found Whit's camera and I'm going to set it down somewhere and tell her 3 days later. *GLARE* Its still missing.

I need my camera.

Why? I love to take pictures of my flock. And I finally have the perfect name for one of my Split Sussex hens, her name suits her almost too well... Giovanni. All she needs is the hat and well then its overboard - she just has the Look - the stink eye like Gloria the celebrity hen on BYC. If I find my camera she's the next post.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Chicken Flock

The very first chickens I ever got were three white leghorn pullets and one strait-run australorp. All ended up being hens. I just kept adding from there.

Ms. Butterworth, Doritos, Anonymous and Jell-O were their names. To the right is a hen that I later owned named Bee a few years later going to her new home.

The original four were sold together, and what I can recall is that they were added to a free range flock on some farm.  I tried to find the family that picked up my chickens, years after they were sold for $5 each. I had no such luck and they didn't even contact me. 

That blew my self esteem down, what was I thinking? I wanted my chickens back to give them what they deserved: someone who cared. I didn't even know who those people were, they just got lucky and emailed first on craigslist. After me trying to find them my whole perspective changed on the world - I stated to love animals for who and what they were. Since then I went through an anti animal abuse phase of being a new teen, remember this was actually years ago, I really got into adoption and animal cops on Animal Planet. Thirteen year olds are so wierd looking back on it, I must have had some OCD or something because I started hording Littlest Pet Shops and reacting Animal Cops Houston. I kept them too XD there's at least 600 of the damn plastic toys. Friends helped me hoard and I did the same, we all had like 500+ and played with 6-10 total. Ironic right?

*YAWN* nap time, more later.

Where'd My Hobby Come From?

Where to begin? Well here's a spot...before my family bought a house we moved a lot. I was born in Ohio and was their until I was 4 - Raised until the age of 12 in Oklahoma then we moved our butts to beautiful Utah, where the rest of my life went on and stayed on and where I first got chickens.

I'm still in school and plan to go into Animal Husbandry and were a lab coat and scrubs. I don't want to hurt animals, I want to help them. During my life I just somehow know its my destiny to be the best, the very best at whatever I set out to do whether that Animal Science goes into embryology (so my chickens) or to help squeeze puss from an infected goat as a vet.

 I have and always will love FFA, SAE and 4H even if none of that started for me until I was 15 years old.

That's about enough from me this is a blog for chickens...Did I mention that for my 16th Birthday all I wanted was a Cornish Bantam or Standard hen? I've gotta be nuts, didn't even want a car - don't like driving.

Anyways, my hobby came from being irresponsible and wanting to buy baby chicks because they were cute to slowly understanding and learning that I was being a jerk to them, so I sold the original flock and we moved to a cabin in the summer.

I took a break from keeping chickens for a year and started out fresh. I liked it then we moved back to a real house, away from the cabin. I kept the new batch for over a whole year - was a record for me. Finally we bought a house then sold most of my almost 2 year old flock and all the new babies. I kept my sebright pair, a japanese bantam, a serama and silkie hen. Then right before we moved, about four days before, I bought an expensive Hatricks (c) silkie breeding flock.

That brings you up to speed until this post...I miss my chickens so sometimes it hurts to type about them, but things got out of hands, I ended up with 45 chickens, including my 9 crowing roosters! That's so another post.