Saturday, July 7, 2012

Drumstick the Cochin Bantam & Watermelon From Local Farmers

Drumstick, the Black Bantam Cochin:
She's Adorable & Tiny

On a small farm 20 minutes away, a woman had bantam cochins for sale, she had a bunch. Easter Eggers and mixes in one pen and all the purebred cochins in the other.

She had a cool lemon cuckoo cochin rooster, white hens, a lemon cucko hen, black hens and all ages of baby cochins. Very cute chickens, but the best bird she had was Drumstick, who looked closest to the standard of perfection. She's also shiny, which is a sign of good health.

So far she's pretty scared but I think she'll be a good show bird. The previous owner said she was around two years old. Drumstick was named before I got her.

The Flock Enjoys Watermelon Again:

This watermelon was under $4 and from a local farmer's market near the farm we got Drumstick from.

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