Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rain. Rain, Keep COMING!

My chickens are so happy :) they love the grass and now its starting to grow a lot, summer was killing it, and fall is nearly here so I don't expect it to last forever. Anyway the chickens are really happy, and they love to pig out on treats. I've only sold 2 chicks so far, and I would like the flock to be thinned out soon but my extra rooster is making it difficult. 

The fair is right around the corner so I'm excited for that and right now it looks like my silkies are going, but little Oatis the OEGB rooster still looks bomb.

On top of all that info I'm also getting a cage that I really want for $10, its perfect for chickens. Its pictured right by this post. I'll be able use this cage like crazy.

To make matters even better I'm buying an adorable silkie hen for $20. But she's going into a molt right now so the owner is cutting me a deal and selling her to me for $15. I'm told she's not a bearded silkie but I asked if the picture was on the right hen and woah and behold it is, bearded or not I totally want to show this hen. She's the white silkie in front in the next picture.

Here are more pictures of my chickens...

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