Friday, August 17, 2012

A Swing & A Miss - Guinea Pigs Are Off to Pre-Vet class but Hello to Phillip!

See ya Guinea pigs, hope you have fun at the pre-vet class - But I'll see ya there.

Other than that, I got some more internships to vet offices! Then there are my chickens and my new Hamster. Bun bun is happy with her cage upgrade too.

Meet Philip, a 3-6 month old Dwarf Hamster:
 An awesome Craigslist find, I am trying to get animals for my Pre-Vet class but this guy might be a keeper. Guess I'll find out, he might go the the class for a while...This is my first Hammy!

Ghost Hammy!

The whole setup was free, they weren't allowed to have "rodent" pets at their apartments so they had to get him to a good home quickly.


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