Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Hens, 1 no, 2 no 4?!

Well the other day I saw an ad for chickens, these were the pictures provided:

They had a lot of pretty chickens in the picture, or rather unique ones anyway. When I arrived at their home and myself and my family went into the backyard and saw the coop and run pictured and a separate coop and run with a single hen in it. The lonesome hen was a huge brown leghorn. They said she'd been a loner chicken since they got her.

They had a bunch of different breeds too, though they didn't know too much into depth about any of them, they were still very nice people with very unique chickens. 

I'm feeling like a smarty so I'll tell you all the breeds they had:
  • Partridge Silkies
  • a Black Silkie
  • a Partridge Showgirl (naked neck)
  • a Brown Leghorn
  • a Wheaten Ameraucana Bantam
  • a White Laced Cornish Bantam
  • White Sultans - Bleeding and Malformed Legs from an aggressive alpha?
  • a Dun-laced Sultan
  • a Rhode Island Red
  • an Egyptian Fayoumi - frost bitten comb

I also feel the need to mention that Mapquest has screwed up directions to peoples' farms and homes up for me once again. There was no left turn - EVER it ended up being a right and we made our own directions up.

The original plan was to look today and come back with money tomorrow, but the owners ended up offering them for free or "$10" *wink* or I could have the whole setup for free if I took everything. Still in thought about that.

But which chickens did I get? I originally just saw the one I liked but I thought she'd need a friend so I got the ugly molting showgirl silkie to go with her then they put the Rhode Island Red hen in my arms, and my mom said she saw a look in my eyes and the way I held it and petted it and said lets get that one. She must have seen me having a memory of a hen that resembled the hen in my arms. The old hen I had to let go of when we moved into the suburbs named Big Red. I really liked that hen and I knew I liked this one too because memories were coming to me by looking at this very hen. So it was up to 3 hens there, a Cornish bantam (one of my favorite breeds ever!), a yucky showgirl hen (had to see how she turned out, welll my mom needed to (lol)) and a huge Rhode Island Red hen. Oh? we're about to leave? look at that wheaten, what? She's a really nice hen, like a pet? Okay I'll get her too, even with the floppy single comb.

4 chickens. I still have to get rid the ones that are extra in my coop so my family, who constantly say "you have too many chickens" let me bring home 4 chickens. Gosh, and yes they are being kept. Grr...Anyway here are the hens in their little setup for a couple weeks to introduce them to the flock and be quarantined.

Happy girls :)

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