Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brr...What I Wear In the Chilly Mornings.

First, some awesome shots of my chickens this morning,
This is Matilda the White Rock, like a barred rock nut with out the stripes.
Matilda was being so friendly, she got a treat.

This is Fresno the Light Sussex hen.
Fresno was hogging the treats (caged bird seed)

This is the Coronation Sussex hen.
The coronation hen was grumpy as always, being the head hen and all that jazz.

Finally, What I Where In The Mornings To Take Care Of The Chickens:

This is my morning attire :) to go take care of the chickens on this lovely Saturday.

Ta-da! :) Enjoy your day and enter the what ya where in the morning contest I found on Facebook, ends on Monday I think here's the link:

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