Friday, December 14, 2012

Lavender Pullet Went Cockerel - Iddy Went Broody & More!

Pullet Went Cockerel:
What a sad pullet went cockerel, but I had been suspecting it. Now he got his sickle feathers to confirm that he's a boy (they're highlighted above) but is was still lovely weather since it barely rains in Southern Utah.


Iddy is Broody!
She is adorable, we'll have to order some hatching eggs for her and bring her inside so she can raise her chicks.

Roosting Chickens:
A loner on the roost, the Coronation Sussex.
 IMG_0087_zps564e2adf.jpg IMG_0091_zpse4aa8802.jpg

Happy Holidays, until Next Time!

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