Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Tale of Two Rescues & One of Their Rescues Here

To begin the flock was out early in the morning,

as were the bunnies,

then the day's usual work went on,

then we, the people, came home (with a new chicken)

This hen was special though, she was a friend of hen we had bought the day before.

Since the Wyandotte (laced hen) was lonely and didn't integrate into the flock very well I got her a friend, well her actual friend from her old flock. The family selling their chickens had four chickens originally but I only had $7 left to buy one hen, I wanted a laying already and her ad came up and bought her...

Well a day went by, after I had bought the first hen, when we went to a garage sale where the lady we bought one hen from was having. She had one of her hens, out of 4 left, someone had bought two of the others, 

and she had, was what she called a barred rock crossed with a white leghorn but it was actually a breed called a white rock (I didn't say anything) left. So I made an offer on one of her baby bunnies and the hen and she accepted it.

Then I was able to reunite the pair :) and they currently scratch and forage together.

About the rescue's rescue at my home - the wyandotte hen got stuck between a wall and a shed but I rescued her from that situation by pulling her out really quick and preventing any other chickens from getting behind the shed with some fencing stuff. So everything is good now.

Oh and about the baby bunny - this is her :)

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