Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Brings Autumn - Now its Chilly

One of the Crele Old English Game Bantam hens takes a walk.

The mornings bring a chill now, the chickens love the straw bedding that keeps the coop warm. The crele old english pullets are turning into hens - their combs are maturing. Unfortunately my family missed out on the big chicken show this year, we had a lady crash the front of our car in a construction zone and we had to get that fixed instead since nobody could be held liable or something because of zone markings - city's fault. Couldn't take the big SUV either - only get 15gal to the mile so not worth the gas...but its okay we're going to make a bigger show next year to make up for it.

Otis is coming out of his molt [molting chicken info].


New Rabbits - Keeping to See If They Are Going to Be Good For Show

The chickens roosting in the chicken coop.

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