Monday, October 22, 2012


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I was happy to find a picture of a chicken my family once had in our flock, our first flock - today.
His name was Charlie and that's his picture above. Charlie was the biggest chicken I'd ever seen, a sweet chicken too. He had been abandoned at the neighborhood park by our neighbors (their kids had won two chickens at the rodeo). I caught him though, as the hen abandoned with him had been mauled by a dog, I didn't want that ending for him. At the time, I wasn't very educated in chickens and I put a hen in a pen with Charley expecting the hen to sit on eggs and hatch chicks. The hen didn't like that but Charlie did, he even took over the flock and left our old Polish rooster with his only Polish hen. Charlie was adventurous he led the flock past our three acres and to our neighbor's garden where they feasted. My neighbor was not okay with that, he said he wanted the chickens on the other side of his property if at all. In the end Charley was a great rooster, but we only had him for 3/4ths a year, he decided to find a new flock and a new adventure.

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