Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Cornish Hen & Louise's Country Closet

I traveled a good two minutes to a nearby chicken keeper's home today. I went to pick up a dozen eggs to make cupcakes with and I was happy to look at her chickens when she said it was fine. She had a nice setup too, a brooder area, a coop and another run for the big chickens. They had a pretty Brahma rooster and a bunch of hens where some of them were molting. They had a leghorn hen with a huge comb that flopped over, they had production reds, barred rocks, black stars and a few brahma chickens and maybe some others...anyway I saw this huge hen, a triple laced cornish bantam and I went ahead and made an offer of $5 for her and the lady consulted her family and they had me show the hen in my arms to them and said, "yeah that's fine." I know the cornish are terrible layers but this is a type of show chicken, she has a large build and is clearly a very healthy bird. She needs a name though, and I'll think of one. Anyway for the next week or so she'll be in my brooding pen before I introduce her to the flock. That's known as bio-security.

I love my stuff from Lousie's Country Closet! I got a chicken diaper with two diaper inserts and a hen saddle. I got snaps for all of them and a fleece backing on the hen saddle. Now I can take my chickens to presentations without poo getting anywhere.

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