Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Chicken Flock

The very first chickens I ever got were three white leghorn pullets and one strait-run australorp. All ended up being hens. I just kept adding from there.

Ms. Butterworth, Doritos, Anonymous and Jell-O were their names. To the right is a hen that I later owned named Bee a few years later going to her new home.

The original four were sold together, and what I can recall is that they were added to a free range flock on some farm.  I tried to find the family that picked up my chickens, years after they were sold for $5 each. I had no such luck and they didn't even contact me. 

That blew my self esteem down, what was I thinking? I wanted my chickens back to give them what they deserved: someone who cared. I didn't even know who those people were, they just got lucky and emailed first on craigslist. After me trying to find them my whole perspective changed on the world - I stated to love animals for who and what they were. Since then I went through an anti animal abuse phase of being a new teen, remember this was actually years ago, I really got into adoption and animal cops on Animal Planet. Thirteen year olds are so wierd looking back on it, I must have had some OCD or something because I started hording Littlest Pet Shops and reacting Animal Cops Houston. I kept them too XD there's at least 600 of the damn plastic toys. Friends helped me hoard and I did the same, we all had like 500+ and played with 6-10 total. Ironic right?

*YAWN* nap time, more later.

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