Thursday, May 24, 2012

Man! my chicken life has just crumbled:
  • I have just been told, by my mom that she wants 5 or less chickens. 
  • My dad wants 15 or less.
  • I'd like to keep 20 - exactly. My ordinance allows me to have a ton of chickens but I don't need that many but I'm having a hard time letting go. 

Realize that I care for my chickens everyday, I clean the coop, I pay for feed and I pay for gas when I sell a chicken or have feed picked up for me, same with bedding and all that stuff. The only thing they pay for is water and now they dislike my 24 chickens?! I was already planning to cull out silkies from my flock that I bought, my Hatricks (c) silkie breeding flock! Now I have to tap into my pet chickens? That I've had for almost a year? That's a joke.

I had already decided I would have 16 chickens left without my parents opinions, which I hadn't asked for...I was and still am waiting for the perfect buyer.

So here's the main part of the post...Which Chickens Should Stay and Which should Go?

I've already hand picked these ones: (that's 9)

3 Laying Hen Mixes
1 White Silkie Bantam Rooster
1 Partridge Buff Silkie Bantam Hen
1 Splash Silkie Bantam Hen
2 Black Silkie Bantam Hens
1 Grey Silkie Bantam Hen
Should I rid of any more? I want to ... NVM

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