Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where'd My Hobby Come From?

Where to begin? Well here's a spot...before my family bought a house we moved a lot. I was born in Ohio and was their until I was 4 - Raised until the age of 12 in Oklahoma then we moved our butts to beautiful Utah, where the rest of my life went on and stayed on and where I first got chickens.

I'm still in school and plan to go into Animal Husbandry and were a lab coat and scrubs. I don't want to hurt animals, I want to help them. During my life I just somehow know its my destiny to be the best, the very best at whatever I set out to do whether that Animal Science goes into embryology (so my chickens) or to help squeeze puss from an infected goat as a vet.

 I have and always will love FFA, SAE and 4H even if none of that started for me until I was 15 years old.

That's about enough from me this is a blog for chickens...Did I mention that for my 16th Birthday all I wanted was a Cornish Bantam or Standard hen? I've gotta be nuts, didn't even want a car - don't like driving.

Anyways, my hobby came from being irresponsible and wanting to buy baby chicks because they were cute to slowly understanding and learning that I was being a jerk to them, so I sold the original flock and we moved to a cabin in the summer.

I took a break from keeping chickens for a year and started out fresh. I liked it then we moved back to a real house, away from the cabin. I kept the new batch for over a whole year - was a record for me. Finally we bought a house then sold most of my almost 2 year old flock and all the new babies. I kept my sebright pair, a japanese bantam, a serama and silkie hen. Then right before we moved, about four days before, I bought an expensive Hatricks (c) silkie breeding flock.

That brings you up to speed until this post...I miss my chickens so sometimes it hurts to type about them, but things got out of hands, I ended up with 45 chickens, including my 9 crowing roosters! That's so another post.

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