Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Wish I Knew Where My Camera Was

So like I stated in a previous post, we recently bought a house and started to move into it. I can't find my dang camera, in fact I didn't loose it my brother and my mom did, they were playing *YAWN* its 2:30AM and I found Whit's camera and I'm going to set it down somewhere and tell her 3 days later. *GLARE* Its still missing.

I need my camera.

Why? I love to take pictures of my flock. And I finally have the perfect name for one of my Split Sussex hens, her name suits her almost too well... Giovanni. All she needs is the hat and well then its overboard - she just has the Look - the stink eye like Gloria the celebrity hen on BYC. If I find my camera she's the next post.

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