Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chickens & A Surprize


Surprise comes after the chickens.

The chickens like my garden shoes.
Pictures Taken with DSi camera, low quality.
Betta fish setup

Yesterday I found a great deal on betta fish supplies so I bought all of the stuff that was left. Today I went to the local petstore and spent $5.30(including tax, reg $4.99) on my first betta fish, my very first pet fish.

betta bowl
Above is the bowl and stuff the night before I got the fish.

My betta is a deep maroon color and likes to make bubbles and seems a little curious for a fish (normal?) he, if its a he, will be an inch away from the glass and just sit there watching you or the dolphin movie set up behind the tank. Maybe he is listening to the ocean sound that comes from it?

Betta Bowl Aerial
Above: Top
Betta fish
Above: Side

Anywho, what's YOUR betta storie(s)? And post pictures of your fish! (my betta was homed with me for a good deal and because he really stood out against all the others)

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