Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Bun-Buns are Here! They're Here! The Eggs Hatch Today!

I picked up this pair of Lionhead rabbits with their cage, feeder, water, hay and pellet feed for $40. I already knew I'd need at least one 4H rabbit to show at the fair this year but they only came with all the stuff if you took them both and they are fantastic bun-buns. They don't like loud noises but they are super tame. They are 12 weeks old and They will be residing in my room when its hot outside and be outside in their cage in the shade when the weather is fair. I love my show rabbits! I've been planning to get a couple since last year and I've wanted a betta for at least two years - Yeah! This week my plans have been in action. The next thing is to get 'Fish' the red betta into my 10GAL tank, but I'm having a hard time getting a filter in Southern Utah without paying full prize, thinking about a sponge though...

Now The Momas!

"I can barley see but I'll peck you, my eggs are hatching!"

"Stay away from the pipping eggs!"

 This is all of them clucking to their babies last night.

Chickens in the run.

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