Friday, June 15, 2012

Watermelon! And the Flock Goes Wild!

Watermelon is a home run with my flock, they can't get enough. With the southern Utah weather reaching over 100*F every day its important to keep everyone hydrated, even the stubborn broodies. At the local market I picked up a $4.50 watermelon and here's the flock indulging that, how long will it last?

The broody moms are fighting over eggs, and Cottonswab (right) is pulling out her fluffy.

GRRRRR! My Eggs!

Other hen GRRRR-ing!

I love my chickens, sold the silkies and the flock is back down to 20! Very reasonable for the coop, but I'll have to sell some babies if they hatch. I also got new shoes. Garden shoes.

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