Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old Pictures Of Chickens I Still Have

From the left: Bottlecap, Jingle, Jangle, Pidge

I'm so glad I kept this rooster, and all of these guys I think I would have cried if I hadn't kept some of flock number 2. But Jingle doesn't look this good anymore, I had him in a pen with a bunch of chickens, he got mangled when the flock had grown to 45. That's way too many chickens for anyone, so avoid that many even when I had the the farm with 3 acres.

Now I've matured as a chicken keeper, being in the partial suburbs and understand when there are too many or how not to keep what hatches. Yeah. Finally I understand, I got blind sited by all the eggs with flock number two. But flock number three, is here to stay and its an exhibition flock.

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