Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mama's n' their Chicks!

First the more pictures of my Show bunnies, then the chicks and their update!

 Last night the moma hens started hatching their chicks, today has been a hatching spree, between three moms 10 chicks have hatched from a total of 25 eggs. Pretty good, and there could be more chicks hatching withing the next few days. I fear the black silkie mom is too aggressive to be a mom, she can't see all that well with her poofy stuff, crest and beard.

Sebright mom, Jangle, hatched all but two of her eggs, she has six of the ten chicks hatched so far.

Cottonball has two chicks.

Black silkie hoarded way too many eggs from the other broodies, but she also has two chicks so far.


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